Victoria, Australia

There are city walking tours, bush walking tours, horse riding adventures in the countryside, the chance to get a bird’s eye view and so many other tours that showcase the many attractions and delights that Bendigo boasts. The Talking Tram ride through the city is always a favourite with all tourists that come to Bendigo as it is a great way to learn about the history and heritage that dates back to the gold rush era of the city and also have the chance to see some of the famous city attractions and accommodation along the way.

You can book onto any kind of tour from a cycling tour through the city, a mountain biking adventure in the backyard of Victoria right through to luxury coach rides, train rides, guided walks, four wheel driving adventures and scenic flights. Arrange for your own private guide, book onto a group tour or maybe just a small group of people suits you the best as there are many tours to select from.

Take an informative tour through one of the museums and galleries in Bendigo where you can see artefacts and material dating back to the gold mining days, do a tour through the Golden Dragon or the Chinese Joss House as there is a very strong Chinese influence present in Bendigo. You can do a tour of an underground mine at Central Deborah Mine where you will ride a mine shaft to the deep parts of the mine as well as have the chance to visit some award winning wineries, sample some wine at the cellar doors and dine in vineyard restaurants for the day with a food and wine tour.

Families can bring the kids for a tour through the Wildlife and Reptile Park, you can pan for gold on a prospecting tour and then end the day with a hot air balloon ride over the city and surrounding region. Jump from an aeroplane on a skydiving adventure, go kayaking for the day or arrange a team building day filled with adventures and fun. Feel like a fighter pilot when you take to the skies in an adventure flight, set out on a bird watching tour or join one of the hop on hop off tours through the city.

Whether you wish to do a half-day, full-day, overnight or extended tour, Bendigo has many things to see and do, you can include much of it into a great tour, depending on how much time you have up your sleeve. Many of the tours provide morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea so that you don’t have to worry about bringing a thing except yourself and a camera for all of those great things you are going to encounter. The lakes, rivers and reservoirs provide ample opportunities to get out onto the water, with the chance to go water skiing or canoeing for the day. Bring the kids and friends for a day of fun by the water, relax and enjoy the parklands and gardens that Bendigo is famous for.

You will find a huge list of tours that you can easily book onto all year round, so find which one suits you the best and book a seat so that you don’t miss out.