Victoria, Australia

Twelve Apostles

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Dotting their way along part of The Great Ocean Road, the Twelve Apostles are a set of majestic rock formations that rise from the ocean waters. Over millions of years, this famous creation has been formed by the erosion of the limestone cliff faces of the coastline by the pounding rough seas and gale-force winds that batter this part of the shore. Throughout time the winds blew in from the southern oceans creating large caves when finally the caves became so cavernous that the cliff face broke away leaving rock stacks of up to 45 metres in height. With erosion still occurring it is evident that over time more ‘Apostles’ will be created from the limestone coast of Victoria.

Originally known as the ‘Sow and Piglets’ with the Sow being Muttonbird Island and the piglets being the surrounding rocks around it the Twelve Apostles along The Great Ocean Road are one of the main highlights that people from across the globe come to see when holidaying in Victoria as they provide stunning vistas and something magnificent to gaze upon with the changing colours throughout the day. With an eerie feeling comes sunrise as the sun creates shadows and a darker mood to the middle of the day when the Twelve Apostles give off a bright shining yellow colour. When glancing out over the Twelve Apostles you might come to think that there isn’t really Twelve at all, but that is because of the changing coastline and some of the rock formations are hidden behind rocky headlands and outcrops.

Clearly visible from the scenic route of The Great Ocean Road the Twelve Apostles are easily accessible at any time during the year with a number of vantage points to stop in at. There are excellent viewing areas for you to stop and have a coffee at while taking in the views or perhaps you might like to set out on one of the boardwalks along the coastline. Enjoy the walking tracks, stunning scenery and wildlife for the day all while taking in the great Twelve Apostles.

The Twelve Apostles is the second-largest Marine National Park in Victoria, covering more than 17 km of coastline and around 7,500 hectares. It is an area rich in history, culture and Aboriginal Dreamtime as the land has had many owners! It is here that you can experience an underwater marine park that is stunning and captivating with its underwater arches, canyons, gutters and deep reefs as well as marine life that is plentiful and beautiful. The Twelve Apostles are home to an abundance of flora and fauna, marine life and animal species both above and below the water level with huge seabird colonies nesting on the rocks, fur seals using these waters as their feeding grounds and a plentiful supply of corals, sponges and reef fish residing in these waters.

The Twelve Apostles along The Great Ocean Road hold a very strong affiliation with the indigenous communities with many different cultural sites, middens and stone artefacts along the coastline that can be seen today. Discover the beauty, history and cultural significance that is The Twelve Apostles and see for yourself one of the true natural wonders of the world.