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Geelong Tours and Rentals

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You can choose to visit the wineries, sample some culinary delights, do some sightseeing, take a cruise or charter a boat for the day with the many different tours and adventures that are available in Geelong. All year round people are holidaying in Geelong to enjoy its many treats and wonderful attractions that are included in so many of the tours that you can do here. From the sightseeing day tours right through to overnight and extended tours that will take in so much more than just Geelong, you can choose from a huge list.

Spend the day visiting the galleries, museums, interesting laneways and other city highlights or perhaps a day tour to parts of the Bellarine Peninsula or Great Ocean Road sparks you interest. See the rugged coastline and its many different wineries, join a food and wine tour if you are someone who loves the culinary delights and you can also book onto pampering tours where you spend half the day at a day spa and cap it off with a trip to a nearby vineyard for a little more luxury.

Take the kids on a wildlife tour where you can get up close and personal with a variety of animals on a day trip or perhaps a day of swimming with the dolphins is something that you are after. From Harley rides, to limousine charters, four wheel driving adventures, scenic flights to bush walking guided tours, you really will have the pick of a large bunch of tours when holidaying in Geelong. Join a deep sea fishing charter to see what you can reel in for dinner with the guarantee of catching plenty and there are also day sailing cruises and luxury yachts to cruise on that are perfect for those who just want a little style and some R&R.

Take a helicopter ride, join a golf tour or simply just cruise up and down the Barwon River for the day! There are surfing lessons to join in on that will have you standing up in no time at all, jet boat rides, kayaking with seals, scuba diving and snorkelling cruises. Book onto an indigenous tour, set out for a day of horse riding and the eco tours that you can do when in Geelong will give a beautiful insights to Victoria’s backyard! Whether you wish to discover cascading waterfalls, rivers, waterways, the fringing ocean waters, the rugged coastline with its many splendours or the array of city attractions that Geelong boasts, you will find so many tours to choose from.

Food and wine lovers, adventure seekers, families and nature lovers will find plenty to do when in Geelong no matter what time of year you plan to visit. The tours here highlight so many of the main attractions that draw thousands of visitors here each year and when you book yourself onto any one of the tours you will be able to get a small slice of the treasures for Geelong and its surrounds. You can choose to do a day tour, overnight or extended as well as select from many different means of transportation from helicopters, aeroplanes, by horseback, in a luxury four wheel drive, on the back of a motor cycle, by foot, in a limo or even cycling your way around.

The tours available in Geelong showcase its many delights, so why don’t you find which one suits you the best and discover the attractions that so many tourists keep coming back for time and time again.