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Grampians Tours and Rentals

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With your choice of private tours, large group tours, four wheel driving adventures, tours by horseback, trekking adventures and coach tours, you really will find the ideal way for you to join in on when you come to The Grampians. Depending on how much time you have up your sleeve you can book onto a tour that carries on for any number of days taking in much of what The Grampians has to offer as well as many different other sites that surround this number one holiday destination.

With so much to see and do when you are holidaying in The Grampians one of the best ways to see a great deal of it, is on one of the tours on offer. Whether it is for just the day, overnight or on an extended tour you can choose which one suits you the best. Local tour guides will take you to many of the main attractions, destination and famous sites; you will see stunning scenery along the way, ancient sites, rock formations, forests, wildlife, parklands, cascading waterfalls and so much more.

Personalise a tour to suit you and your needs, join an eco tour for the weekend, set out on a great bushwalking trek that will take you through stunning countryside, over rugged mountain ranges or along mountain tops providing amazing views like never before and there are also some great school based tours that the kids and yourself will just have a ball on. All throughout the year there are so many things to see and soak up in The Grampians, with the wildflowers in spring, the isolated waterfalls in summer or perhaps the cool crisp atmosphere feel of autumn as well as so many other things!

The Grampians can be somewhere where you set out for a day of hiking, you can do a camping trip, horseback through the mountain ranges for the day, join an abseiling adventure or rock climbing trip and there are also wildlife and bird spotting tours. Quad bikes can be an exciting way to get around, scenic flights will give you a bird’s eye view of the region and hot air balloon rides can be the perfect way to start of finish off your day.

There are food, wine and dining tours where you can sample some wonderful goodies for the day, the kids can take a tour through one of the wildlife parks and zoos or perhaps a guided tour through an interesting museum or cultural centre to learn about the ancient history and heritage of the region is something that you are after. You can book onto a guided walk that will take you past ancient Aboriginal rock art sites and onto beautiful waterfalls where you can swim and relax, motor cycle tours are a great way to take in the sights for the day and luxury coach tours will let you sit back and have someone else do all of the driving for you.

The Grampians offers many sights and delights for you to take in while you are here and with the huge range of tours you will have the perfect opportunity to see so many of the attractions. Ever tour is different from the next, with different means of transportation right through to the length of time each tour goes for, so find which one suits you the best.