Victoria, Australia

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Melbourne apartments are perfect for a long stay or a holiday where you need to accommodate a few people or a family. Offering room to move and a number of bedrooms to fit everyone, this will be the perfect place to call home for the duration of your stay in Melbourne accommodation. There are thousands of self catering apartments available for holiday or short term rental in the greater Melbourne area. In the CBD, all suite hotels and smaller apartments are popular with business people who need to stay in Melbourne for an extended stay and still be in a convenient location close to the offices of the people with whom they are doing business.

In the Melbourne suburbs and especially around the shores of Port Phillip Bay, there is a range of apartments that are ideal for holiday accommodation. Most are close to the beach and other attractions that will keep the family entertained during your stay. The Mornington Peninsula, Dandenong and around Melbourne Airport are outer lying areas where there is also a supply of apartment style holiday accommodation.

So jump on the phone today and we can book a Melbourne apartment to suit your needs and budget for your getaway to the big city of Melbourne.