Victoria, Australia

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Like so many of the major capital cities all around the world, Melbourne holds a great deal of famous icons that people come to see all throughout the year. Whether you travel here for natural icons, man made icons, historic icons and sporting icons, Melbourne is a city that boasts a great deal of the country’s most famous icons all in the one region.

Just like Sydney has it Opera House, London has the London Bridge and Westminster Abbey, China has the Great Wall of China and New York has the Statue of Liberty, Melbourne is a city where you can come and witness many great attractions and icons. But until just recently the people of Melbourne has come to a decision that the MCG is the most symbolic icon the represents Melbourne. Here you can watch annual sporting events from AFL to cricket as well as concerts and live shows all throughout the year!

Another one of Melbourne’s icons is most definitely Bells Beach which travellers from all over the world come to see. Located along the Great Ocean Road you can go swimming, diving, surfing, windsurfing and so much more here, as you enjoy a great time out in the great outdoors. There is also the international event of the Australian Tennis Open held in Melbourne every year that thousands upon thousands of people flock to each year to witness.

Maybe you might like to see the 12 Apostles along the Great Ocean Road or take a trip to Melbourne when the Australian Grand Prix is being held here. Melbourne is home to some of the most famous sporting events such as the annual event every November, the Melbourne Cup. All kinds of travellers, interstate and overseas and even the most famous of stars come from all around to attend this once a year annual event. It is a place to be seen! While on the topic of horse racing, one of the oldest icons that Melbourne holds dear is the legend of Far Lap.

You can have a punt at the Crown Casino or even check into one of the lavish hotel rooms for something romantic but if you want to experience the heart and soul of Melbourne jump on one of the famous trams that make their way through the city and stop off at the numerous museums, art galleries and studios along the way for a taste of Melbourne. Take a tour through the home of Victorian Bitter Beer and Fosters Beer or join a tour to visit beautiful Phillip Island where you can get up close and personal with the cute and cuddle fury penguins or maybe you might like to take the kids through Luna Park or to Captain Cooks Cottage or see where Ned Kelly was laid to rest.

For a touch of nature you can take a wander through the beautiful Melbourne Botanical Gardens where you can either sit and relax or enjoy a lovely picnic or take a trip to Flinders Street Station, known to be the heart and soul of Melbourne. There is the famous West Gate Bridge and historic sites where you can learn about Puffing Billy and so much more that Melbourne is famous for.

Melbourne not only has plenty of excellent icons for you to travel to and see, but there are a great number of tours, charters and cruises for you to join so you can experience them all. A holiday in Melbourne will take you back in time, provide a slice of heaven and let you enjoy a holiday filled with plenty of famous Melbourne icons, attractions, activities and wonderful accommodation.