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How To Get To Mount Buller

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Whether you choose to drive, coach it or fly, there are a number of ways in which you arrive at your destination of Mount Buller. Getting there has never been easier with the range of options that you can choose from to start your alpine holiday in the mountains! All year round, summer and winter, there are scenic routes for everyone to enjoy along the way that are safe, sealed and very quick on getting you there.

Mount Buller has long been one of the most desired alpine destination of Australia so it is only fitting that there be a number of ways in getting you there! For those of you who just simply can’t wait to start your holiday at Mount Buller why not catch a helicopter ride that will take you directly to the mountain. It is the closest major ski resort to Melbourne’s airports, both international and domestic, so it is easy for everyone to get here. Arrange for your own helicopter ride straight from the airport or have a rental car, coach ride or private car waiting for you as you leave the airport to take you to Mount Buller.

Many coaches connect with the flights that come into the main airports of Melbourne every day and there are a range of rental car companies that will have a car waiting for from the moment you land. You can easily book a seat on one of the coach companies buses that do regular runs to the village and will drop you directly to where you wish to go. All seats are more than reasonably priced and you can let someone else do all of the driving.

Self driving yourself to Mount Buller will prove to be an adventure in itself and a perfect way to start your alpine holiday as you will see beautiful scenery along the way. Take the winding roads through the mountain to your destination and perhaps even stop along the way to take in the sights and delights. There are many things to see and do in and around Mount Buller so why not make the most of it while you are here! One thing to always remember when driving yourself to Mount Buller is that snow chains are compulsory to be fitted to your car when driving up or down the mountain ranges in winter time for safety reasons. The roads are maintained during the cooler months but snow chains are needed for grip on the roads to get you through.

Mount Buller is 248 kms north east of Melbourne which is around 3 hours driving time, but travelling from Sydney, Adelaide or anywhere else in the country is more than accessible making getting to Mount Buller exciting and easy all of the way. Always find out what the weather is doing for you travel time, pack accordingly and you will be upon Mount Buller before you know it.