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Falls Creek Holidays

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Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more snow accommodation and packages, as we currently do not have all the product listed on our website.

Deep in the Victorian high country, Falls Creek Alpine Village is surrounded by superb ski slopes and wonderful Australian alpine scenery. Besides being Victoria’s largest mountain, the resort’s locations means that Falls Creek also enjoys the best snowfalls of all Victorian Resorts, combined with the ambience of a beautiful Alpine Village.

You don’t have far to travel to Falls Creek once you arrive at Melbourne where it is only 4 and a half hours away and only a 2 hour drive from Albury. You can catch a flight from any of the major capital cities within Australia to Melbourne and from here you can go by coach or hire a car to self drive. And believe it or not, but Falls Creek is the closest ski resort to Brisbane making it easy for anyone living in Queensland to also enjoy the spectacular wonder of the ski slopes.

When holidaying at Falls Creek everyone is taken care of from couples and families to groups and functions. Every whim and ever desire will be able to be fulfilled when enjoying the delights of this hidden treasure. There are organised kids groups, skiing activities, tours, walks, dining experiences for every taste, as well as Falls Creek accommodation for every budget and standard.

Don’t have your own equipment…. Not to worry as there a number of different hire shops where you can hire everything you need as well as organise tours that you may be interested in.

Falls Creek is blessed with fantastic snow fall but when Mother Nature doesn’t want to be kind then that is when the Snow Making Machine comes into play. If the area is experiencing low snow fall to other years, you will still enjoy perfect skiing or boarding as the snow making machine will produce the right amount of snow when needed.

Everything from skiing, boarding, accommodation, shopping, eating and drinking…. You will have it all at Falls Creek. Nothing will be left out and you will be left talking about what an amazing holiday you had, that you will just be left wanting to come back for more.