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How To Get To Falls Creek

There are a number of ways in which you can find yourself at Falls Creek from driving the Alpine roads, taking a coach and letting someone else do all of the driving for you, enjoying a limousine ride or hopping into a helicopter for completely different way to ride. Many people find getting there is easier by air and others prefer to travel by land and with these many different options you will have a safe and easy start to your vacation in Falls Creek.

If you are thinking about driving to Falls Creek in winter you must ensure that you fit snow chains to your tyres as it is compulsory for all vehicles to have them fitted for safety reasons and if you don’t already own some you can hire some at different locations in Mount Beauty before you begin your trek up the winding hills and peaks. Driving with care is always advised especially if you have never driven on snow but seeing that the roads are always ploughed during the snow season, it won’t be a difficult task at all.

Many coach buses do regular runs up to the Alpine resort for those of you who don’t own your own vehicle or just don’t really want to self drive. Bookable at any travel agent you can board one of the daily buses that will drop you directly at the resort village or where ever you may be staying around Falls Creek. Arrange your own rental vehicle for the duration of your trip or perhaps pre book a seat on a coach that will take you to Falls Creek. Buses can be met as soon as you disembark from your flight and your rental car can be waiting as soon as you leave the airport terminal.

Falls Creek doesn’t have its own petrol stations so always make sure you have a full tank of fuel before beginning your trip. Mount Beauty is the last place that you can fill up before entering the Alpine park and it is advised that all vehicles that usually run on diesel fill up on Alpine Diesel so that you can be assured that your car will run efficiently during the winter season as cars can sometimes clash with the colder conditions. Always keep an eye on how your car is travelling, especially the anti freeze levels of the car and state of the motor and how it is operating.

Being the closest alpine resort to Brisbane and only a day’s drive from Sydney and four and a half hours from Melbourne, Falls Creek is easily accessible by every means of transportation. Getting there has never been easier so pack your bags and discover a winter wonderland or summer haven for the great outdoors and all its attractions.