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Melbourne Diving

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From learn how to dive courses, advanced diving sessions out in the open water, diving charters and plenty of places to launch your own boat you will have plenty of opportunities to get down below the water level and experience the wonderful diving that Melbourne has to offer. There are bommies, dive sites and shipwrecks that hold some of Australia’s finest diving for all to see. You can plan to go snorkelling or diving but one way or another, you must get below the water level and see what lies beneath.

Many of the cruises and dive charters that you can board at anytime throughout the year have won numerous awards for their exceptional diving experiences, so if you are to book with one the many charters that make their way out to the waters just off the coast of Melbourne you will surely be in for a treat to remember. Diving is great for pretty much all ages, but you must hold a diving certificate to do so. If you don’t, you can still have the same experiences with snorkelling which kids from as young as four or five can do.

Not far from the hustle and bustle of the CBD of Melbourne you can travel to a beautiful beach at Mordialloc which is about 25km from the city centre where you can dive straight into the crystal blue waters and go snorkelling or diving or perhaps you might like to head around to Beaumaris which is known for some excellent snorkelling and diving experiences. Black Rock is another great beach to head to where you can go exploring right from off the sandy beach shoreline where you can diving, snorkelling, swimming, enjoy a picnic and just laze under the warm summer sun.

Melbourne has some of Australia’s finest dive sites that you witness, both manmade and natural. The HMAS Canberra which is one of the countries most known dive sites or perhaps you would like to see what the Mornington Peninsula holds or even the Bellarine Peninsula has install for you. There are so many different aquatic playgrounds that it is hard to list them all, so for the ultimate diving holiday come to Melbourne where you can experience world class diving at its very best.

There are one day charters and well put together packages for you to choose from that will let you do as much diving as you wish. Spend as much time out on the open waters, diving the waters off the Melbourne coastline and be amazed at the beauty and natural wonder. You can plan to stay out the night and do some night diving and see how the reefs come alive in a whole different way when the moon shines down below.

One way or another, whether you decide to book yourself on one of the many different charter boats and cruises that provide diving and snorkelling or you have your own boat, you must experience the magic that is Melbourne diving.