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Melbourne Football

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The AFL evolved from the Victorian domestic competition, known as the Victorian Football League (VFL), and became the Australian Football League in 1990. Over the past 25 years it has grown into a national competition with teams based in five of the six Australian states. The Victorian Football Association has since changed its name to the Victorian Football League.

The AFL Commission, which runs the league assumed the role of governing body for the sport of Australian rules football in Australia in 1993 when it dissolved the Australian National Football Council. It is now responsible for the Laws of Australian Football through the AFL Rules Committee (consisting of members from the AFL Players Association). The AFL also became the de facto world governing body in 2002 when it negotiated the disbanding of the International Australian Football Council. Since 2000, through the commission, the AFL has pushed for all affiliated leagues and bodies to co-brand with the league as well as refer to the sport as “AFL” in preference to its official name of “Australian Football”.If you are travelling to Melbourne to watch an Australian rules football game check out our range of Melbourne accommodation.