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Falls Creek Backpackers

Falls Creek, located in Victoria’s amazing High Country, has such a wide variety of Falls Creek accommodation, ranging from your low cost backpacker style accommodation to your superior style accommodation. Now only can you find the accommodation you are after at Falls Creek you will also be able to find it at perhaps, Mount Hotham, Mount Buller or Mount Buffalo ski resorts and villages.

Many different lodges, hotels, resorts, villas and motels offering really low cost accommodation with all the rooms being comfortable and cosy for all its visitors. You can also find specific backpacker lodges that accommodate for single rooms, double rooms as well as for groups too.

For backpackers to travel to Falls Creek, the cheapest way is by Coach. All the major Coach Companies travel to the Victorian Alpine region from anywhere in Australia. But if you would rather go by air you can easily catch a flight from any of the capital cities in Australia to Albury or Melbourne and from here you can hire a car through Europcar or book a connecting bus service to your destination. And the third way is to make your own way entirely to Falls Creek. You book a car from where ever you a situated in Australia through Europcar and they will arrange everything for you. Simply drive to Melbourne where you will only be 356 kms from Falls Creek which is approximately 4 and a half hours.

You will also be able to find very cheap and low cost meals which will last you for a big day of skiing or boarding. Check out one of the many bistros, buffets, cafés or bars where you will always find good food, great drinks and fantastic entertainment all night long.

If you are interested in booking your next trip to Falls Creek or anywhere in Australia give our friendly staff a call so they can organise your Falls Creek holiday for you, as they are always willing to help.