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Brighton Beach Boxes & Beaches

Brighton Beach, Melbourne’s favorite seaside destination, is just a few kilometers away from St Kilda and not much further from the city. It has 82 brightly colored wooden bathing boxes. The Victorian bathing boxes were built in the late 1800s – early 1900s in order to protect bathers’ privacy and allow them to change into their swimwear privately. Victorian bathing boxes were not only popular in Australia but also England, France, and Italy. They are still used today in all three countries.

Brighton is Melbourne’s most exclusive neighborhood. These beach boxes are only available to local residents and they sell for thousands of dollars despite being no bigger than a shed. These boxes are available only to local residents, and only a few go on sale each year. They are in high demand but difficult to find. Click Here to find out how much bathing boxes are sold for!

The History of Bathing BoxesBrighton Beach Boxes At Sunset

The boxes are not a recent phenomenon. They were actually built over 100 years ago to answer Victorian morality in relation to beach bathing.

The huts are still a beautiful example of classic architecture and charm. These huts are made of wood, weatherboards and corrugated roofs. They add a beautiful touch to the view. The boxes are a part the history of the city, as they do not have electricity or running water. To maintain the history of the box, the owners must also follow a set of rules. They cannot be used for advertising or to sleep in. The bathing boxes are not to be rented to anyone else, so they stay with the owners.

The bathing boxes are not equipped with amenities but they offer a breathtaking view that draws visitors from around the globe. The line of bright huts is a striking contrast to the turquoise ocean waters, and the panoramic view across Port Phillip Bay is second to none.

Travellers will love the photo opportunities that the 82 bathing box sand sculptures provide. These bathing boxes are unique because they were not altered from their original design in the early 1900s. They have become a distinctive attraction which perfectly matches the Australian beach culture. The bathing boxes offer a spectacular view of Melbourne, which is only 13km away.

Beach boxes are well-known internationally. Each box is unique and has its own personality. Hundreds of tourists visit Brighton Beach every day to admire and photograph them. Owners can customize them to their liking. Some are only decorated in two colours while others are more creative.

Beach boxes are much more than a place to store beach equipment. They are treasures that are passed down from generation to generation, along with the memories. The beach boxes are over 100 years old but still maintain their charm and size. They cannot be used for accommodation, have running water, or electricity. The beach boxes still have the corrugated metal roofs and timber frames, which means that the classic architectural style and purpose of the beach box remains the same.

You can get some amazing shots from the boxes. The vibrantly colored boxes contrast beautifully with the beach and you can even see the Melbourne skyline. There will be many waterspouts and the Melbourne skyline can also be seen in the background.

Brighton Bathing Boxes: Things to Do

Enjoy the beach, even if it seems obvious! Tjos Beach is also known as Dendy Street Beach. It stretches 500 metres along the coastline of golden sand. Pick up your kite and sit back to watch the experienced kitesurfers ride the perfect waves if you are visiting on a rough day.

After you have explored the rest of Brighton, and taken as many pictures of the bathing box as possible, when you start to feel hungry it is time to go exploring. Brighton is a relaxed coastal suburb that’s still prestigious because of its location on the east side. This combination makes it easy to find something to interest everyone in the area. Brighton is bursting with op-shops, where you can find trinkets as well as the odd treasure.

Billilla Mansion is a great place to get a taste for Brighton’s flair. This mansion, originally built in Edwardian style, was transformed into an art nouveau classic house and is now on display. It has been there for more than a century. Robert Wright built it in 1878, and today, the landmark is still a popular attraction in the suburb. The unusual design of the single-storey mansion is now used by couples to host wedding ceremonies.

Brighton has amazing cafes around every corner. There are many options, including the popular Brighton Soul and Little Tommy Tucker Cafe. If you want something less healthy and more greasy, stop by the Fish Tank Fish and Chippery. After all, it is a beach day! The salads are Heart Foundation-approved for those who want to eat healthier.

Visit the Brighton Beach BoxesBrighton Beach Boxes With Tourists

Remember that it’s always busy – Crowds start as early as 8 or 9 am on nicer days and stay well after sunset in the warmer months. There can be anywhere up to 8 tourist buses parked nearby and crowds of hundreds of people taking photos. It’s hard to chill out and relax around so many tourists a lot of the time. If you own a beach box, expect tourists to be sitting on them most days. Tourists however are usually very respectful. It’s a crazy place to get a private photo or a clear shot of multiple boxes without having lots of people in the picture! Good luck getting a clear drone picture!

Brighton Beach Boxes: How to Get There

Brighton Beach Station is 20 minutes away by train from Flinders Street Station, located in Melbourne’s CBD. To use the public transport system in Melbourne, you will need to buy a myki travel card at the station. You can take the Sandringham Line, and then turn right when you leave the station. It will only take you 10-15 minutes to walk from Middle Brighton Station. The beach huts are located at Dendy Street Beach.

You can also walk or bike there from the train station in Brighton Beach or  St Kilda if you love a big walk. The distance is 7km, but the coastal path is beautiful and offers great views.

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